Top-up your account

You can now make deposits to your ParknBet account easily with your ATM card.

How To Make Payments with Web deposit:
Step 1: You should have either an Infogrid debit card, Naira Master Card or Verve card
Step 2: Click on the Web deposit Link
Step 3: You will be directed to the payment gateway page.
Step 4: On the PAYMENTS gateway, select your Card type and provide Card details and all information that is required.
Step 5: You'll be redirected to a Status page, where you can view the status of your transaction.
Step 6: If your transaction is successful, your ParknBet account would be funded instantly, and you can make use of the funds.


We will apply a deposit fee. Unauthorized usage of a third party's ATM card would result in your account being suspended, and the funds including any winnings might not be released to you. We frown at fraudulent acts of any sorts and do not accept stolen credit cards as you will be reported to the Authorities. By using the Infogrid portal at ParknBet, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Deposited funds cannot be directly paid out, fund deposit must be used to place bets and only won amount can be paid out.

Bank transfer

Bank name: Account owner name: Account number:
Zenith Bank Plc. Champions Bookmakers Nigeria Ltd 1013906754
Enterprise Bank Nig Ltd Champions Bookmakers Nigeria Ltd 1201112934
UBA Bank Champions Bookmakers Nig Ltd 1018253734
GT Bank Champions Bookmakers Nig Ltd 0167663903
Diamond Bank Champions Bookmakers Nig Ltd 0054975223
For faster funding of your accounts, please use your username to make cash deposits or transfers. When you use your username as depositor name (for cash deposits) or subject (for transfers), you do not need to send a funding request or message as your account will be funded almost immediately. Only send a funding request or message if your account is not funded after 20 minutes.

If your account is not funded after 20 minutes or you did not use your username to make payment, please log in to your account and click on messaging. Send a mail from there to admin, stating the full details of your deposit or transfer (our bank and account number, depositor name, amount, teller number and date). Your parknbet account will be funded immediately.

You can also send an email to payment@parknbet.net, stating the details of your payment and username.

For transfers through ATM machine, the details to include should be: our bank and account number, the bank ATM used and location of the machine, amount and date.

For internet banking transfers or any other merchant transfers, the details to include should be: our bank and account number, the bank or payment merchant you transferred from, amount and date.

Note that instant funding and other funding options will be uploaded as soon as possible. For any problems or enquiries, please contact customer care.


Software Upgrades

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